Al Fresco

Hack & Roll NUS Team #240


Imagine yourself planning to go on a date or an outing with friends. You've made a great plan, with the location booked and people ready. But you go out, and bam, it starts to rain and your whole plan is ruined. OR the weather is fine but you just didn't do proper research and the food turned out to be horrible at the place you chose. Now you're single again. Could have avoided these situations eh? Well, fear not, this bot will save your life (potentially literally - yes bad food kills).

Team Members
Abhishek Jain
Year 2 Business Analytics Vice President NUS Computing Club (External Relations)
Arnav Gupta
Year 2 Business Analytics Vice President NUS Computing Club (Student Development)
Raveen Prabhu
Year 2 Computer Science President NUS Computing Club
Jeremy Chan
Year 2 Business Analytics External Lead Developer Student Club Singapore

Users can get and request the weather data of any country or location e.g. Choa Chu Kang, Singapore. Using the magic of web scraping without any APIs, our team extracts the following data and lists out the key factors such as temperature, humidity, and the need for umbrella or sunscreen.

Overall Review of Place of Interest
Users type in a place of interest to hang out with friends or with their loved ones e.g. The Feather Blade or Wild Wild Wet as long as the location is valid on Google Maps. The telegram bot will return a summary of the weather and sentiment analysis of the location based on publicly available Google Maps Reviews.

The bot also provides an overall rating of the location. Automated process of understanding the sentiment or opinion of the reviews and generating the most commonly used terms. This is done by analysing keywords and splitting them by positive and negative reviews from Google Maps.


Got an issue with the bot? Let us know 👋 Contact our team and we'll work it out ASAP.

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